The book uniquely presents the life and work of a personality who has fundamentally influenced the history of mankind - Jesus of Nazareth. His life still has an effect on our thinking, philosophy, history, culture, music and other areas of art, but above all on our morals and ethical attitudes. His teachings based on of the ancient Jewish writings became the basis of legal systems and also affected the economic development of all the countries into which Christianity penetrated. Despite the indisputable the historical impact of Jesus' appearance remains his character shrouded in many mysteries. It is associated with the deepest desires and expectations. No one he had not so many followers, but also so many persecutors. Although almost all of us have heard of Jesus, we seldom have a chance to get to that comprehensive information that this book offers.

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How they twisted the temple services

(excerpt from the book "Messiah")

After their captivity in Babylon, the Jews got serious about religious instruction. All across the country, synagogues (local churches) were built and priests and scribes taught the law of God. Schools were opened to teach religion as well as arts and sciences. But these schools were quickly corrupted. Many of the strange, heathen ideas and customs they had seen being practiced while in captivity were now brought into their own religious services. As the Jews drifted farther from God, they mostly lost sight of the meaning of the rituals and services in the temple. Jesus Himself had started that service and every part of it was a symbol of Him. But the Jews were only going through the motions. They trusted the sacrifices and rituals instead of trusting the God to whom those rituals pointed. To make up for the lost meaning, the priests and rabbis added more and more rules of their own. The more rules they had, the more judgmental they became, and the less they showed of God’s love. They considered themselves holy, but pride and hypocrisy filled their hearts. With all their minute, nit-picky rules, it became impossible to keep the law. Those who wanted to follow God faithfully—who tried to follow the rules of the rabbis—carried an extremely heavy burden. They were never free from guilt. In this way, Satan discouraged the people, lowered their understanding of God, and made the religion of Israel a hated thing. Satan hoped to prove the point he started with in heaven—that God’s laws were unjust and could not be obeyed. Even God’s own people, Israel, couldn’t do it.

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